Missouri Audio Project Summer Workshop 2016


In late July, 2016, the Missouri Audio Project collaborated with Transom, an organization that mentors radio storytellers all over the country. The great producer Rob Rosenthal (top left in the above gallery) came to Columbia for the second year in a row to teach a class of nine students. For the first time, this year we offered the course for university credit. Over seven long days, audio workshoppers learned everything necessary to start making radio stories on their own.

Here’s a sampling of what they produced.


Memory and Music. Abby Ivory-Ganja paints the portrait of Armenian-American composer Mary Kouyoumdjian, who conceives of music as documentary and layers field recordings into her compositions. 

Missouri Audio Project. Photo: Shane Epping.

Abby Ivory-Ganja


Middle Space.  Allison Coffelt explores the ways in which conversations about race, racism, and social injustice are taking place on the campus of the University of Missouri.

Missouri Audio Project. Photo: Shane Epping.

Allison Coffelt


Space on the Block. Jackie Land explores some of Columbia, Missouri’s oldest and most romantic apartment buildings.

Missouri Audio Project. Photo: Shane Epping.

Jackie Land


People Will Always Help. Claire Banderas introduces listeners to the founder of “Missouri Pay It Forward,” an organization that helps families in crisis. 

Missouri Audio Project.

Claire Banderas


30 Years and Still Stepping: Rolando Barry and the Missouri High Steppers. Kelsey Kupferer talks to the longtime leader of the Missouri High Steppers.

Missouri Audio Project. Photo: Shane Epping.

Kelsey Kupferer


The Next Jack Kerouac/Truman Capote Needs Your Help. This piece is a journey through the mind of mental illness. In it, Liza Lichtenfeld follows Steven Wright as he reconciles his creative ambitions with the limitations of his disease.  

Missouri Audio Project. Photo: Shane Epping.

Liza Lichtenfeld


The Studio Player. Mary McIntyre visited musician Will Reeves in the recording studio he built in his one-car garage. 

Missouri Audio Project.

Mary McIntyre


Two Lawyers Enter a Bar.  Shane Epping sketches a portrait of Rigel Oliveri and her husband Michael Byrne as they face Michael’s cancer diagnosis. 


Shane Epping



Heartfelt thanks to: Transom & Rob Rosenthal. At the University of Missouri: Mizzou Advantage, The Murray Center for Documentary Studies, The Missouri School of Journalism, KBIA, the Department of English, and the Digital Storytelling Program.

[Photos: Shane Epping]